Steel Modular Buildings

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It’s a quest for simplicity in a complex world.

RioSteel provides modular buildings made from the strongest steel available using shipping containers as the base structure. 

Developing a shipping container component for a project has evolved over the years. As one of the 1st to achieve approvals for such projects the doors have been opened to benefit from the strength, durability and buidling uniformity a shipping container provides. We can provide the assistance needed to bring your project to reality.

RioSteel provides modular manufactured structures for multiple industries. 


Shipping containers can easily be stacked on top of the other to create a multi-story building.


Shipping container classrooms are an innovative, cost-effective and convenient way for educational facilities to add square footage when they need it most.


Shipping Container Homes are about desires for something original, something novel, and something functional.


Design & Engineering

Plan development from schematic concepts, design documents to construction documents.


State, County and City submittals, review and approvals.


Modular manufacturing, factory setup, production flow and output.


From factory to site logistics, setting, rigging and completion of modules on-site.

Modular Steel Manufacturing

With recent changes in our environment, more focus for a clean process is required from manufacturing to installations and commissioning. RioSteel Modular Manufacturing provides the process to accomplish these requirements.

Modular Construction vs Site Built Construction

■ Modular building saves 50% of construction time.

■ Projects are completed faster

■ Modular is a low market %

■ Modular construction market share increases each year

■ Opportunity for market growth




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